The september standard by regena bryant

The September Standard

Dewey Wilson Thurman has finally met the woman he’s been waiting for. Dr. Regina Lawson, the hottest speaker on the women’s empowerment speaking circuit. Her simple message resonates with the younger generation, a demographic he’s finding difficult to reach; and that includes his daughters.  Regina is a classy, confident woman with a high standard. She’s going to make him work for it. And he’s up for the challenge. Regina Lawson is ecstatic, the Crown Prince of Gospel Music, is working overtime to charm her, with a mix of old-fashioned charm, with a touch of hip-hop forwardness. She’s enjoying the courtship but, the man has five daughters, two ex-wives, and a superstar lifestyle that does not fit with the quiet season of life she’s planning with her sons. When Dewey sees major troubles ahead for one or more of the seven young people in their lives, Regina backs away. She believes the  trouble is coming for his girls.  And she’s a self-declared no-more-drama mama.   Can Dewey convince Regina that love and family is worth walking through the pending storm?  Because he also knows a season of joy will follow.

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