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  1. Tobias Dunn says:

    I was reading the first novel you wrote “Except on Sunday” and found it to be a book that I couldn’t put down. It made me realize how much people love each other and why gossip should not have a place in our lives and for the things people don’t know and the way they get in other people’s business is not right and out of order. To see the love story of Finus Gates and Cassandra Brownley blossom into full-blown love is something great to me as the reader. because you are telling a story that’s not just a page turner, but a life that many of us that fall in love experience.

  2. Cookie Montgomery says:

    I met you at the Book Club Conference in Atlanta and was thrilled that you were a local author and we knew some of the same folks, such as Verdell Taylor and Darice Bolden. They both speak very highly of Kathy.

    I can’t decide which to read first, “Believe in Me ” or “Love’s Remnant”. Each of your book links captured me in the first chapter so I am excited. As I mentioned at the conference when I introduced the other members of the “Book Buds” my is that we would love to have you come out to one of our meetings and talk about your books, how you decided to write, etc. “Your Story” I know you are a busy lady so please when you get a moment please email me your availability in the next few months. Blessings, Cookie Montgomery

    • Hi Cookie,
      Thanks for your nice note. I’d be honored to join your book club. Just let me know when! Darice called me and of course I had to call Verdell, they both speak highly of you. Looking forward to seeing you again soon.

  3. I have read Except On Sunday several times. Each read I fall more in love with the characters. Will there ever be a sequel? I don’t want the story to end.

    • Berea,
      You really made my day. Thank you! I love Except on Sunday too, like I love my first born. There is a sequel, I don’t think it’s going to be easy being married to Finus Gates. The already titled, “When Sunday Comes” is in line behind at least two more books. In the mean time Finus and Cassandra make cameo appearance in all of my books, they just find a way to get in there. Have you read Believe In Me or Love’s Remnant? Thank you so very much for taking the time to write and keep in touch here or on Facebook! RB

  4. Yolanda broome says:


    Imagine my excitement when I received your book from your sister today! Beautifully written, great plot, and expertly crafted… I am loving “Believe in Me.” Congratulations, KF, my college partner! Hope to see you soon. Keep writing!!!


  5. Tanya streety irizarry says:

    Hi KF,
    As a high school classmate and friend I want to say how proud I am of you accomplishments and I’m looking forward to reading all of your books. The teaser did it for me. I have to check with my sister in law to see if she has read them as she reads all the time if not I’m going to get them for her as well.

  6. Hey Soror!
    I’m excited to read your new book which I’m going to order now! Do you do writing workshops?

  7. Rosetta PRish says:

    I enjoyed except on Sunday & Love’s Remnant I love your story lines

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