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  1. Hi Regena,

    I’m Paulette Harper Johnson. I wanted to connect with you first to congratulate you on the success of your books. Secondly I’d like to introduce you to my business WNL Virtual Blog Tours. As the owner of WNL I find bloggers and radio show host to feature you and your books. If this is something you’d like to consider please visit my website to get a feel of what I’m talking about.

    Should you have any questions please contact me

    Blessings and continual success

  2. Felicia G. Trevino says:

    I got my book!!! Thank you!!!! As SOON as I get caught up on my books, I’ll get to it and leave a review on all my book club pages and Amazon of course.
    Happy New Year!!!
    Ms. Felicia

  3. AJ Dunbar says:

    When can we expect a new book?

    • AJ
      Thank you so much for asking. I am working toward releasing “On The Line” spring 2014. Friendship, passion and fashion hit the runway. With your permission I’ll add you to my mailing list and make sure you get the announcement. And really, thank you it means a lot! Regena