Signify Softly

Signify SoftlySignify Softly is a collection of observations. While the African American sorority movement is the lead off, these observations could apply to any club, church or social organization.

Love’s Remnant

Love's Remnant CoverWhen Avery Thomas inherits D Allen Designs she must piece together the tattered shreds of her life after the death of her best friend. Now she’s mending broken family relationships, cutting through financial difficulties, and fabricating a new romantic relationship.

As the attorney for D Allen Designs, Tyler Anderson is fully aware of the challenges Avery faces and he’s in awe of her resilience. For Avery, he’s bent the law and compromised his prayers for a wife. After wanting her for so long, she’s finally his. But, he can’t continue living on this side of the seam.

Can they weave the remnants of life and love together? Or will their chance at love end up on the cutting room floor?

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Except on Sunday

EXCEPT_ON_SUNDAYS_-_CONCEPT_5The Rev. Dr. Finus Gideon Gates is the charismatic, intelligent, wealthy and decidedly single, favorite son of his denomination the Baptist Methodist Assembly, where it is a “truth universally acknowledged” by the senior choir that he needs a wife. He thinks his reasons for not dating are a closely held secret. But every single woman in the Assembly and her mother know why he’s not dating and they are working overtime to get him to change his mind.

When Dr. Cassandra Brownley, a shy, sensible high school principal, accepts a consulting project with the BMA, she is caught between two opinions regarding the project’s leader. The Rev. Dr. Gates is pompous and condescending from the pulpit and she can’t stand him. Away from church he’s witty, warm and wonderful. Can she love him–Except on Sunday?

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Believe in Me

BELIEVE IN ME - REALIn the next ninety days, Kitty Franklin will have to choose between love and loyalty.

Kitty is the jaded, outspoken daughter of a scandal-plagued, multi-term congressman. As her father’s attorney she discreetly cleans up his political and personal dirty laundry. She’s lost all faith in God, government and men.

Despite the rumors, Davis Thornton is moving home to Rock Hill, South Carolina, to run the faith-based community empowerment center established by his childhood hero, Congressman Roosevelt Franklin. Honest, hard-working, Davis must unite a staff divided by a salacious, viral internet scandal, while trying to nurture a relationship with the woman striving to cover it all up.

While Kitty works to shut down the blog dedicated to exposing the Congressman’s many indiscretions, she and Davis falter. Her commitment to keeping her father’s secrets doesn’t sit well with Davis. When she fails to complete the investigation at download speed, her father questions her dedication to his cause. The scandal shakes Kitty’s fragile faith and may prevent her from believing in anything or anyone ever again.

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