Another Step on the Journey

Letters to my Unpublished Self Part 4

As I take another step towards becoming a published author I’m careful to stop and reflect on the journey. I’ve found it therapeutic to step away from the edited, re-worked and re-edited page and examine the process. At my day job my mantra is training is an event, learning is a process. The same holds true for my dream job. Writing is an event becoming a published author is quite the process.

Now that I’ve completed the first book I’ll share seven things that I’ve learned.

There are three categories.

1.) Those who want to write a book.
2.) Those who have written a book and
3.) Published authors

The only way you get into category three is to move out of category one.

2. Fear of finishing is real.  Thousands languish between categories one and two because they are afraid to finish. I spent some time in that space and it takes effort and encouragement to push past the fear of finishing.

3. Positive agreement is a powerful tool. I finished because I set myself in agreement with another person. Find someone with a goal, writing related or not, and use the shared energy to motivate you. There is power in positive agreement.

4. Commas are controversial. The rules of English are universal but the application of these rules is subject to interpretation. I’ve also discovered that comma usage is regional and generational. And by the way you’ll notice I’m not a comma queen. Personally, I think commas are over used.

5. Writers are willing to share. Romance Writers are some of the most generous people you’ll ever encounter.

6. Many writers are so willing to share that they will try to write your story for you.

7. Only you can write your story. Stick with it. It’s the only way to get out of category 1

One day I’m going to look back in wonder.

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