Letters to My UnPublished Self

A wise published author recently gave me a good dose of wisdom and encouragement. She said that no matter where you are in this process there will always be someone in front of you and someone behind you, the trick it to work from where you are. So here I am an aspiring romance writer.

It’s an interesting place to be. Three quarters of the way through my first WIP, light years away from understanding the publishing business and wonderfully associated with the Windy City RWA writers group.

I’m inspired from this space to establish a record, sort of a diary to document the journey. It’s been three years of imagining, taking notes and one year of seriously learning the craft. This is a craft and it’s going to take some years of working at it. For me one of the biggest hurdles to cross has been the willing and ability to share my writing with others. Penning this article for the newsletter is a huge step.

So how does it feel this stage in the journey? When I’m writing I feel excited, encouraged, creative. I’m an inventor and I’ve found courage. It was about a year ago when I shared my work with a published author. It was the best thing I could have done. It helps to have kind writer friends to read your work and encourage you. Then teach you about POV. My next small step was to join a critique group. It was like launching a child into a supportive world. I’ve endured some very constructive criticism of my work. The lumps hurt but overall what a helpful learning experience.

I am grateful for my friends at Windy City who encourage me and my critique group that challenges me. Affirmation and encouragement go a long way when you are sitting at your computer screen looking at a pile of dirty dishes and the clock. If I can finish this page, then I can do the dishes and pick up the kids and my family will never know I’ve spent all day working on one page.

I’m in a good place. There are people behind me and many in front of me and I know that they all wish me well. The next challenge contest and query. It’s time to take another step. I’ll let you know how it’s goes.

One day I’m going to look back in wonder.

Published Fall 2008
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