Signify Softly

Signify SoftlySignify Softly is a collection of observations. While the African American sorority movement is the lead off, these observations could apply to any club, church or social organization.

Love’s Remnant

Love's Remnant Cover

When Avery Thomas inherits D Allen Designs she must piece together the tattered shreds of her life after the death of her best friend. Now she’s mending broken family relationships, cutting through financial difficulties, and fabricating a new romantic relationship. As the attorney for D Allen Designs, Tyler Anderson is fully aware of the challenges […]

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Except on Sunday


The Rev. Dr. Finus Gideon Gates is the charismatic, intelligent, wealthy and decidedly single, favorite son of his denomination the Baptist Methodist Assembly, where it is a “truth universally acknowledged” by the senior choir that he needs a wife. He thinks his reasons for not dating are a closely held secret. But every single woman […]

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Believe in Me


In the next ninety days, Kitty Franklin will have to choose between love and loyalty. Kitty is the jaded, outspoken daughter of a scandal-plagued, multi-term congressman. As her father’s attorney she discreetly cleans up his political and personal dirty laundry. She’s lost all faith in God, government and men. Despite the rumors, Davis Thornton is […]

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Another Step on the Journey

Letters to my Unpublished Self Part 4 As I take another step towards becoming a published author I’m careful to stop and reflect on the journey. I’ve found it therapeutic to step away from the edited, re-worked and re-edited page and examine the process. At my day job my mantra is training is an event, […]

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A Shame and A Sin

Letters to My Unpublished Self Part 2 This is a shame and a sin. It’s a shame four-and a-half years later, and I’ve not completed my first work in progress. My husband will think it’s a sin when he comes home, and I haven’t washed the breakfast dishes. About that WIP—I’m making progress and I […]

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Fear and Finishing

Albany State University

Letters to My UnPublished Self Part 3  I was prepared to face all the things I thought would scare me in my writing journey.   Fear of a being able to fill up that first page.  The abject terror- fear of sharing my work for the first time.  The inevitable fear of receiving a rejection letter […]

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Letters to My UnPublished Self

A wise published author recently gave me a good dose of wisdom and encouragement. She said that no matter where you are in this process there will always be someone in front of you and someone behind you, the trick it to work from where you are. So here I am an aspiring romance writer. […]

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